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From NFL Athletic
to Real Estate Agent

Explore the remarkable transition from the NFL to the world of real estate. Learn about the inspiring journey of stepping into a new career and the lessons gained along the way from Mark Nzeocha.

From NFL to Real Estate:
A Pro Athlete's Journey

Most people typically know me for one of two things: my passion for real estate investing or my passion for football. It’s always enjoyable when I get to connect with other investors who share similar passions and hear their stories. You won’t want to miss this one!

Top Hard Money Lender for You

Tax Benefits and Creative
Financing in Real Estate

Networking is a passion of mine, and during a recent event at Collective Genius, I had the pleasure of meeting Jake. Dive into our latest YouTube video where we explored various topics, with a special focus on the substitution of collateral and tax efficiency, along with strategic investment tactics and navigating market shifts.

The Art of Partnering:
How We Leveraged Debt

The Art of Partnering: How We Leveraged Debt” provides a practical guide to using debt strategically for business growth and highlights the significance of forming valuable partnerships to achieve financial objectives.

A Dual Role in Real Estate:
Realtor and Investor Synergy

I had the pleasure to talk to my friend JP take a look at the different scenarios we talk about as we explore different perspectives in real estate.

The Mind of a Millonaire
Tim Shiner

The mind of a millionaire exploring real estate and stocks, featuring Tim Shiner. Don’t miss this discussion!

Rising to a Successful Real Estate Investor
from an Unstable Upbringing

I enjoyed creating this podcast with Anthony as it was truly an eye-opener. Learning about his life-changing experiences and how these experiences shape us into successful individuals was inspiring. The challenges we face indeed mold our character and bring forth our inner strength. Gratitude for those experiences defines who we are. Let us embrace the journey, appreciate the lessons, and thrive in the person we have become.

Journey from Accountant to Real Estate Investor and Owner
of one of the Top Real Estate CRMs

From accountant to real estate investor and owner of a top real estate CRM, Sharad’s journey has been remarkable. Join us in this podcast as we share insights on success in real estate and how Sharad CRM has revolutionized the industry. Let’s unlock your potential and achieve financial freedom together by watching this episode.

How to turn $20K into $10MM

Discover the secrets of turning $20,000 into a staggering $10 million, all while enjoying the benefits of tax-free gains. We unravel the strategies and tactics that can propel your wealth to unprecedented heights. Explore investment opportunities, leverage tax advantages, and navigate the intricacies of wealth creation.

Building Your Network
and Monetizing Referrals

Discover your superpower in the world of real estate: building meaningful connections and transforming referrals into profits. It’s not just about numbers and deals, but about the genuine relationships you forge along the way. By nurturing your network, you gain access to a wealth of opportunities and valuable insights. Embrace this superpower, harness the power of connections, and watch your real estate journey soar to extraordinary heights.

Leveraging AI, Virtual Assistants
and Private money lenders

By using AI, virtual assistants, and private money lenders, you can access powerful tools and resources. AI enables automation and data analysis, while virtual assistants provide personalized support. Private money lenders offer alternative financing options. Together, these resources help individuals and businesses streamline operations, save time, and secure funding.

What to Look out for if You Want to be a
Passive Investor or Limited Partner

We’re all about making a positive impact in real estate. By forging the right connections, meticulously evaluating deals, and being selective in our choices, we’re driving change in the industry. Join us on this podcast and experience the power of well-connected, carefully chosen real estate opportunities.

Real Estate Investment Funds

The structure of the real estate investment funds facilitates the management of the properties and the distribution of the income generated, which simplifies the investment fund experience for the participants in an efficient way to invest in the real estate market.

Pete Kavanaugh, is a man that has the experience when it comes to building funds and working with investors to help them get good returns.

How to Find a Deal: Breaking down Driving For Dollars
from the Owner of Deal Machine

Gain insider knowledge on “Driving For Dollars” as we break it down with the owner of Deal Machine! Discover the step-by-step process of driving through neighborhoods, identifying distressed properties, and leveraging the power of Deal Machine in real estate deals. Learn how this innovative tool revolutionizes the way investors find and connect with property owners. Get ready to take your real estate game to the next level!

How to Fund Your Deals with
Private Money Lenders

Anson will provide us a great inight of the strategy behind private money, we will dig into like who it’s a good fit for and like what that person looks like what their kind of risk tolerance is and how they can structure it.

Investing with Self-Directed IRAs
What You Need to Know

Looking for a powerful tool to invest your retirement savings outside of the stock market? Look no further than self-directed IRAs! In this video, we sit down with Amanda Holbrook, a specialist in self-directed IRAs, to discuss the many benefits of this investment strategy.

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Finfing the best VA

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Small town - Big profit

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