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introduce Devin Robinson
to you guys so Devin it’s a good friend of mine he we met through Collective genius and yeah
man we’ve seen some of his presentations got to know him pretty well I think one of his big strengths I’ll call it
definitely a superpower is putting together teams right and he’s able to put together virtual teams where like
you can draw and everybody talks about like implementing culture and just getting the team behind you and just
it’s really just building a strong culture and virtually right and not many people do that Devin’s like really
mastered that even from across the world so I want to dive into that but also Devin’s um even just like leveraging
like technology and systems and automation he’s one of the guys one of my go-to guys on that and yeah now he’s
starting to get into fundraising and raising funds working with professional athletes so a lot of fun exciting stuff
to get into today but man when I miss Devin what else you want to share about yourself your background that’s great no that’s uh he you said too much so
um no I’m thankful man I appreciate it I’m just glad to be here to be able to talk about all of those things and to be
able to kind of give anywhere that I can so um and I know a lot of it will come for and I’m excited to learn from you and so
a lot of it’s just going to come in our banter back and forth and so yeah that’s that’s me uh we do I guess one more
thing is like we just do a lot of foreclosure stuff so you know we learned from the goat the legend the Foreclosure
King Michael Frankie which everybody else learned from but um we’ve kind of taken that and and I
think just in our Market Amplified it with virtual assistance and it’s insane man it’s insane like I would
say we’ve got like 50 legitimate solid leads that we have a good chance of closing in the next three weeks because
of like this flow that we’ve really just really dove into and kind of mastered and so it’s been really cool and it
comes a lot from the va’s you just have to have good closers uh to be able to close them man that what Market are you
in again Devon Charlotte Market but like the Foreclosure stuff
um because it is State specific it’s not very County specific
um we’ll purchase properties in Greensboro in the Triad area and then we’ll purchase properties in Raleigh
because it all comes from foreclosures and with that honestly there’s not a
huge need because we get such deep discounts because there’s such deep motivation and one of my thought
processes on all of that stuff is like I’m not gonna pull up high Equity absentee owner data and have cold
callers call that data and get enough arguments with people or people cussing at us because they don’t want us they
don’t want to sell their house for like the average 15K spread when we can go directly to the most intense motivation
which is foreclosures then we can spend all of our time doing that for spreads
that average 30 35k and up and so um we don’t even dial regular data and with
those discounts the Deep of discounts we get we can almost just make them an offer and we get it and the offer we never
make a number offer so it’s never like oh 190 000 for your house it’s hey what do you need like what what is it that
you need like if we were to give you five to ten thousand dollars and we believe in people over profit so like
five to ten thousand is typically a start just to gauge their interest if we can if we can take care of the
Foreclosure we can take all of this take care of all this stuff and give you five to ten thousand to start you in the next season of Life that’d be good for you
and if they’re like yeah that’s great then we go awesome what we’re gonna do is we’re going to find out exactly what’s owed and then see if we can even
help you a little bit more than that and if not then the five or ten thousand would be great but we’ve kind of gauged that by knowing their equity and then if
they go no that’s not enough then we go okay tell us a little bit more about that we know that we have to pay off the house and because they’re already in a
very vulnerable sensitive spot talking about a foreclosure they’re very open about talking about everything else tell
us about that do you have some more debt that you need to pay off like are there is there any more debt that needs to be paid off are you planning to move
somewhere okay so this twenty thousand dollars sounds like it’d be a little bit more reasonable for you yeah that sounds
like that’d be great okay awesome our plan is to make sure that we can get you that twenty thousand dollars and we’ll be really clear if we can’t
um and the only thing that will write that that will that that’s dependent upon is actually finding out the exact
number that that you owe to the bank and so then like we don’t even need to give a hundred ninety thousand dollar offer
right like we’re going based off of what they need and then they tell us like I mean through that they tell it they
reveal more motivation and then stuff like that so like we get huge discounts by giving them what we need we typically
go above what they need to really help them out but we get I mean we have this is the hard part we
have to work because like one of my lenders told me this and I think it is true but like you have
to at least pay fifty thousand dollars of or sorry fifty percent of what the value of the house is on a foreclosure
or the seller can actually come back to you come like file a complaint come back after it and get their house back so
like we have to make sure we at least hit 50 of the value of the home because like our our
um because our discounts are so deep so we don’t we can go all over the state and not really have to worry about going
to the house because our discounts are so deep so um so that’s a long that well hell yeah
I love you gave the tangible like ways to do it and like how the the psychology and the negotiation all the Acquisitions
that’s good stuff Devin how do you how long have you been implementing the foreclosures so uh Master Frankie he um
uh the king of foreclosures he was in my room in CG in June 2022 so then he gave
that presentation I spent the next three months building out the Sops for it because I was like this is amazing this
is gold I built doubt all of the Sops got everything implemented and then he
gave the main talk to everybody in December and everybody’s like yo or in October and everybody’s like yo this is
insane all of this stuff and so because we had already been at that built out everything everything process Maps sobs
scripts everything um TC everything for it
um begin like from October to January it really started picking up like really
started picking up and then like January and February I like hyper
refined our process and our system and now it is like oh my gosh I need to hire more sales
people because I can’t handle this like I literally cannot handle this and so like that’s kind of where we are now
granted that does not mean we’re making a ton of money because we still are like we’re at the beginning process of that
so I don’t want to hear anybody I don’t like anybody to hear this and think I’m driving around in a Lambo and doing all this stuff because like no we just
figured it out now it’s like we’ve got it refined we’ve actually got it pretty
perfected and now I’m just training my Acquisitions team to nail it in because like there’s such deep motivation that
if you get them on a call it’s sold like I locked in two contracts on Friday and
then like I think we’re gonna lock in like five this week just because of foreclosures because like as soon as you get a hold of somebody you got in so now
I’m just trying to train my sales people to be able to like lock that stuff in and and understand the empathy side of
it because like you have to have hyper empathy it’s not about sales tax it’s task um
tactics it’s like very high EQ and an incredible amount of empathy and so it’s
really cool because my va’s have that and they are crushing it I get so many
compliments from my va’s that like people get on the phone with me and they’ll just like I loved talking to
Adam and Adam is ehab and we just call him like the Foreclosure King in our group because he’s like he’ll jump into
a meeting he’s like sorry I’m late guys I was just I was just nailing down another lead for us because like he’ll
just sit there and people will cry with him they’ll talk to him for like 30 or 40 minutes and he’s a VA in Egypt and he’s just got
a huge amount of EQ and and it’s really cool to like kind of watch them do their
work and then they just pass it to us and it’s like a like an alley-oop it’s just like a slam dunk because the motivation’s so high so I would say like
that process was from June to now on like building out refining refining
refining reflecting perfecting perfecting that’s kind of where we are man I want to go two different ways on
there but I’ll pick one for now we’ll come back to like how you’ve built out that team and just your strength in building teams we’ll come back there but
I’m curious though applying that and this is a selfish question applying that in smaller markets right so you’re in
North Carolina evidently you’re going Statewide seeing enough volume of foreclosures to where you could keep
getting the leads but I’m just curious how that would work in a small Market or just the volume because I’m just trying to think and our markets are smaller
ones and when we we pulled some of these lists there just wasn’t that many foreclosures but I mean China so it
depends on how you’re pulling the list so um in in America there are three thousand foreclosures a day like 3 000
foreclosures happening every single day in America um in across North Carolina where we are
I would say that there’s probably 15 to 30. across the whole state so like I can understand where if you’re in Wyoming
um or Montana that like you’re not gonna have a lot of a lot of that volume so
what we’ve done though is we’ve got a mixture between like deep skip tracing
and um and just like relentlessness because at the end of the
day the motivation is so high that if you make contact with them you win like
there’s no other what are they going to say no like what are they going to say I don’t need your help actually they do say I don’t need
your help all the time so when they go oh I don’t need your help I’ve got it we go oh awesome I’m so glad you’ve gotten
it taken care of it sounds like you’ve um uh it sounds like you’ve were you able to pay off the arrears and keep
your home and then they’re like no I’m talking to the bank okay which option are you deciding on and so essentially
we’re like great I’m so glad you’re doing that let me tell you that you actually don’t have it taken care of and
so and a lot of times all you got to do is get a hold of people so no matter what Market you’re in honestly if you
can get a hold of one or two a month like that’s it the spreads are like 30 to 50K plus
that’s an incredible amount of Revenue in your company just for getting a hold of two people and so yeah and so like we
do that in a number of different ways um it’s funny because I just created a tick tock and it goes let me show you
how I um I I spent 17 cents and made sixty thousand dollars and so um I don’t have
it out yet it’s gonna be out there and by the time this is it’ll probably out there but what we did was like we found
out that the owner of this property had passed away so everybody’s trying to contact they’re doing their basic skip
tracing everybody’s trying to contact the owner he’s dead you’re not gonna be able to get a hold of them so like we do
it like the deeper skip tracing so we use like two Services we use like skip Genie and Skip Matrix same Shameless
plug um if you use Matrix you can use Devon R for a synth off of your skip tracing but
um we use skip Matrix because skip Matrix gives me their name of course like their name their address their
phone numbers if they’re dead or not if they went bankrupt um there the last time they used that
phone those phone numbers their their IP address then it gives me four relatives
and then it gives me the relatives phone numbers all of that stuff and then it gives me four Associates in the associates so we like literally for this
one house we went down we got a hold of like a stepsister the stepsister connected us to uh like her husband and
the husband connected us to the daughter of the owner and then the daughter of the owner was like yes the auction
happened two days ago I will sell with you and so then she ended up selling with us and the spread was just so huge
and so wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t take that work and so my challenge is in smaller markets is like
commit to doing deep skip tracing because if you can get a hold of people you win like it’s just not even a the
motivation is so high it’s so deep there that if you get a hold of them you win and a lot of times they’re not taking
phone calls they’re not doing this they’re not doing that so sometimes it’s best to get a hold of a sister and go hey do you know if there’s a way I can
get a hold of the owner at 123 Main Street they’ve got some things going on with their property and we’d love to be able to help them out and they’re like
yeah okay yeah yeah sure and then they’re like what kind of stuff is going on you know and they’re like oh well I
don’t really like to tell other people’s business but it seems like they’re going through some financial problems we’d love to be able to help them out with
their home uh and so then like people are like yeah I definitely want to jump into I I want to help and so they
usually connect us and it’s like they’ll take a they’ll take a connection from a friend before they take a random phone
call from by your house now you know and so um and it’s also a huge way in which we
approach it we are never are like hey and we get this all the time people are
like I’m only taking your calls I’m never talking I’m not talking to anybody else I get so many calls every day of people just want to buy my house buy my
house buy my house but you guys see different you actually said you want to help me keep my home and we do we
believe in people over profit we want to help them we walk them through options to help them to keep their home
but because they’re so deep in the process they never can keep their home now we
have helped like five or six people actually keep their home and they’ve given us incredible reviews which is
very helpful for us right like imagine you get like this person’s like these people actually help me to keep my home and they kept that and they wrote that
as a review the people are going to read that and they’re going to think we legitimately want to help them keep their home because we do but like
eight times out of ten they can’t keep their home there’s not enough time and they don’t have the resources and so
then while we’re helping them and we’re empathetically trying to help them we get on the phone with lenders we’re like
hey Linda why can’t they get a loan modification when we know why they can’t but we want the lender to tell them that
and we go man I’m sorry I tried and then then their only option is to sell to us and
of course they’re not gonna sell to anybody else they sell with us so like all of that to say like
in a small Market in a big Market the numbers may not be there but if you dedicate like a VA to only doing this
then the thousand dollars a month that you spend on a VA is well worth the the
revenue on actually getting a hold of like one or two people you know even getting hold of one person that you can
actually help just like they they skip Trace they deep skip Trace they’re calling Associates they’re calling all
this stuff so we’ve got like spreadsheets and all kinds of stuff set up to make sure that we kind of are
capitalizing on it but the deeper you go into it the more opportunity there is it just depends on
how much time you want to dedicate to it yeah love it yeah that’s yeah you answered it it’s and I would my
follow-up question was going to be hey how do you separate yourself this seems like a popular list but it sounds like you’re finding the people that are
unreachable right yeah oh man our favorite people is like if you go to the
court and it’s like The Heirs of blank the estate of blank because we know
nobody’s reaching The Heirs or nobody’s reaching people in the family they’re only reaching the owner who’s dead and
so we Love Actually finding like the dead people I know I say that but like
um and like if there’s a ton of equity well door knock those if there’s a ton of equity then we deep skip Trace those
so that’s kind of how we how we do that nice okay cool let’s get into yeah
building the teams and how you’ve done this with virtual assistants and built the culture man uh I know I know a lot
about this story but I love to hear it again from you to share it with other people because we talk about virtual assistants and how they impact our
business and how they’re such a great tool and and I know a lot of people are just starting to scratch the surface but you got to hear from Devin because
Devin’s taking it to another level where these people are like highly skilled highly competent and like team members
oh man they’re incredible and if I’m honest so I’ve owned I actually have a spreadsheet this is
like my 13th business um business venture so I’ve had employees I’ve had a lot of American
employees I’ve had all these I’m not even gonna lie my va’s are better than like
90 of the American employees I’ve ever had like um it’s wild
um so at that same meeting in June um in my room a guy named Kevin Ramirez he’s uh NCG as well he’s the man he gave
a talk because we were like man what should we do we were trying to figure out let me tell you man we cycled through
terrible VA company after a terrible VA company after terrible VA company and so
Kevin gave a talk about how he actually staffs his own going into Facebook groups finding them interviewing them
doing all that stuff so I was like okay great I’m gonna do this at scale so I went into Facebook groups posted put
them onto a sheet a spreadsheet um have them send me like send spark videos which are the video like an
interview video like hey answer these questions on the camera so I can hear your English do all that stuff so a lot
of them sent me videos did all that stuff the ones with the best English I interviewed them um and then and then through there I
actually got really really lucky I found a guy who was just like incredibly smart
um in like from I got like 60 or 70 people and I narrowed it down to like three
that I actually took on with me and only one stayed and then like it was him
and so like the numbers are like one percent right this guy’s a one percenter out of all the people that I found it
just took me the time or all the people that I I brought into the funnel but it just took me the time to actually find
him so uh he really grew grew with us uh he grew with us from the beginning and
then he began being like hey Devin I’ve got a friend I’ve got a brother I’ve got this so like ehab who’s Adam who’s
incredibly empathetic is ahmed’s brother um and so one of the things that I also
found is um I think I think like we are very country so in the I decided to open up a VA
service and we’re very country specific and we only get them from Egypt and the
reason why is and I talked about this in my CG talk the reason why is because I think a lot
of times especially in Middle Eastern countries people aren’t driven by finances as much
as they’re driven by a purpose so in America it’s like what can my salary be or if you walk up to somebody in America
and you go hey tell me about yourself uh you’d say hey my name is Casey I’m a real estate investor here I also have a
fund I do this and that but if you go to a Middle Eastern country they’ll go my name is Ahmed I am a Muslim and my
family is so like everything they do is based out of and rooted in the identity of who they are not what they do so they
all have a grander purpose and they want to live and follow for a purpose they also because of that purpose they’re
extremely loyal they have a really high integrity they’re just incredible people overall because like it’s just who they
are and so I’ve found I’ve found that to be one of the most
one of the most um one of the things that I just valued the most about pulling
um va’s from Egypt is just those characteristics and those values that they follow because we hire fire train
manage all that stuff based off of core values it’s nice to already know there’s people that like live by core values and
that’s not to say that that doesn’t happen in other countries but the one thing I’ve found in other countries is like
the work ethic is in his hard loyalty definitely isn’t there because they’ll they’ll say they’re working for you and
they’re working for three other people like it’s just not there as much as I’ve seen But there still are great people in
other countries so I definitely don’t want to like downgrade that at all I’ve had amazing VA I’ve had like one amazing
VA in the Philippines like I’ve had you know so it’s like not that they aren’t there it’s tough to find them tougher to
find and so um Ahmed then began connecting me with people connect and Ahmed
Ahmed is a member of the bar in Egypt okay Ahmed is an absolute genius okay
and so then he brings on his brother who is a computer who has a master’s degree in computer programming and then he
brings on another guy who’s getting his Masters and then brings on a guy who’s an accountant and then like brings on
another guy and then I just brought on an office manager who’s gonna run TC and stuff like that for me he he he just
ended a contract with silica with a with an AI I I don’t know if I can tell like
the AI place but a popular AI service um doing all of their like data
integration and like data cleaning with the AI so that the AI learns from the data he sends in so like Geniuses
they’re all Geniuses and then they have incredible English because a lot of them
grew up in the states and then I mean it’s crazy they they like born in Egypt grew up in the states go back to Egypt
to be with family um or because Egypt is already such a heavily tourist like populate like
tourist country they grew up like they learned English from birth they grew up on English and they’ve always known
English so their English is typically really really good and so um we’ve just decided to only hire out
of and use Egyptian vas and and what was cool was like
it all started because Ahmed knew our core values what we’re about we grew it
we grew a ton together we learned a lot together we tried to keep culture really high so
he brought his friends in and he brought his family in because they all work there’s a ton of cold calling centers
where they pay in a dollar and a half to two dollars an hour to these people and they’ve all worked in these centers
together so he knew like the best of the best to bring into the company and it was really cool and then when you pay
them four or five six dollars an hour they’re like just freaking awesome and so um yeah
they they really thrive on that and then we incentivize them um I got this idea from Jacques Pierre
he’s in CG select but he does like this cool Circle wheel that’s like hey if we get a closing you get to spin the wheel
if you were like in the the person on that and the it’s like double daily
income triple daily income double weekly income a hundred dollars extra or something like that and it’s like that
doesn’t cost us anything right like that doesn’t cost us much at all but for them like it’s huge and so
um it’s really cool another thing that we do is like I don’t really know where they go but I’ll just be like hey Ahmed organize a a
group outing and then here’s the money for it because they all live in Egypt like they all live in Alexandria and
Cairo together which cairo’s like two hours from Alexandria and they all like meet up and go hang out and they all do
stuff together and so like they keep culture there which is really cool and we plan on within the next year going
out there to eat in Egypt Philippines is probably cool other places are cool I’m excited to go to
Egypt right so like it’s just cool like the culture is already embedded into
their culture and so it it helps a ton in that way I would say man that’s super
cool because yeah you built off yeah like you said you built off the culture that was already there understood how to speak to it and how to motivate them
based on that yeah yeah man that’s that’s phenomenal especially with virtual talent and oh man somebody yeah
because at the end of the day because like and and this is like completely honest um at the end of the day uh what it so
there was a time and this is where I say guys like I’m not driving in a Lambo like we don’t
have this figured out yet but there was a time and it was relatively recent where I was like guys like I’m building
this out um I know it’s gonna work and then but I was like I’m thankful for
you guys and I don’t take advantage who you guys are and what you’ve done for the company and so I said I I don’t have
money to pay you guys right now I don’t I can’t pay you this week and they all got together and they came
back um and so I said I’m gonna have to let you all go because I can’t pay you they all got together and then they came back
on another zoom and they said Devin like it doesn’t we’re here for you we know that whenever you can pay us you
will pay us um but we’re here to see this through and we and we believe in it with you and
we believe in you and so um what’s come from that is like an insane amount of loyalty like wild
amount of loyalty and what’s cool is like now I’m perpetuating and helping to fulfill their desires and their dreams
and they know that like I have their best interest in mind and I know that these guys they’re in it through thick
and thin so one of the things that I also decided to do which is cool is I also decided to um we give them like
identities so we have and I didn’t talk about this but we have our dyspo team are called the Rhinos because they do
all the heavy lifting so like Darius who runs that team he’ll be like rhinos they like come in and it’s a lot of fun and
then we have the Dragon Slayers who are the um who’s the acquisition team and so it’s really cool because like they have
this like really cool identity and feeling because a lot of them watch Game of Thrones and they watch Star Wars and
they love like having that side of things and so we’ve given them that kind of like medium to express themselves
creatively there but then I also said guys like you guys are doing an awesome job it’s very so
for example in I know in the Philippines a nurse makes like 200 a month two or
three hundred dollars a month when a cold caller and a texter in the Philippines can make six or seven hundred dollars a month and so a lot of
times people do these really mundane tasks because it pays really really well and so I I brought them together in a
meeting and I said guys um I appreciate you guys cold calling and texting but I know that it’s not
that exciting and I was like what I would love for you all to do and and I’m thankful because I probably have like
because this is my 13th company I have courses from everything that you can
imagine so I was like guys I have these courses it was a list of like 30 of them and I said pick one you can have access
to it if you want to learn how to copyright if you want to learn how to do content if you want to learn how to
um do SEO if you wanted to learn how to do Facebook ads if you want to learn how to do all that stuff here’s a course
learn it you can enjoy that and it was wild what happened literally a whole VA
company started out of it right these guys mastered Donald Miller Story brand
right like mastered the story brand model mastered full-time filmmaker
mastered like all of these things so now they run those aspects of my VA company
like they run them any of the content that you’ve seen on my social media they created I didn’t touch it I filmed
it and then I sent it to them right like from the SEO and the copy on our websites they did it like it’s wild and
so um I I was able all I did was Empower them to pursue what they love now I will
tell you what that did that lost me a couple of cold callers and texters but what that gained me
incredibly talented editors and and copywriters I can replace a cold caller
and texter but like to have really talented copywriters um really like if you meet like if you
schedule to meet with rvas you don’t even meet with me you meet with me for the initial meeting of like hey how can
we serve you and then you don’t meet with me ever again like you meet with them they run all the meetings they run
all the calls and you are shocked by their professionalism how well they execute and like
and all that stuff but it all became it all came because I empowered them to pursue what they’re passionate about not
just do the mundane because they do they can do the mundane and make good money doing it and so um then it became really
easy right like really easy for us to find another cold caller and texter because we have a guy now who runs that
whole side of the VA Service Company and so like it was wild what you do when you Empower people and give them a platform
to be able to pursue what they’re passionate about and um it was really cool and so that all
stemmed from I mean from one moment I’m firing them because they can’t afford them into the next morning moment
within like the first week of not even really launching a VA company that I still don’t have an LLC for like we have
like 10 clients like it’s wild and then it’s just growing and growing and growing because
um it’s it’s called cortec we hire fire manage do all that stuff based off of
core values and then we leverage and amplify everything they do based off of artificial intelligence and so I love it
yeah so it’s been wild because yeah yeah because we just you know you Empower
people to do what they love so it’s cool man that’s well you you keep you know exactly where I’m rolling man because
that’s where I was gonna go next so you’ve got clearly you’ve built it out strong and again if people are interested I’ll go with that one real
quick Devin if people are interested in like a VA service what’s the best way to get a hold of you man we’re still
building out a website um you can like you can DM me on Instagram or like I don’t know just
figure I don’t know people have been like Facebook messaging me um one guy literally on this call right now goes hey you have a VA that’s
consent yes I do so like crazy so there’s all kinds of stuff that um
anyway I don’t know soon it’s going to be cortexvas.com though if people come back and listen to this later it’s
cortex [Music]
c-o-r-e-t-e-q-v-a-s.com.com cool or send him or easier find Devin on Instagram and if you want to look at that
this is insane all of The Branding the website the copy at cortexvas.com built
out by an AI and my va’s so if you just want to see the example of what they can do the logo the logo and then like the
first picture you see is just insanity and they built it out so like these guys
have mastered AI so I have a list of like 40 different AI sites that’s where we’re going right now man so dive into
it because I want to hear how you leverage va’s and AI yeah so like our um
our rvas I have like 40 different AI sites and I’m like guys essentially I
said guys replace yourself with AIS not because I’m gonna take they’re going to take your job but because if for
instance if we have year one VA you can handle three clients that’s nice your one VA plus AI you can
handle 300 clients and so for me like that the the scalability was most
important I’ve got so like they figured out mid journey I think is by far the most powerful visual AI
thing out there but it’s also very very difficult to master these guys have got it like they’ve got
it mastered you go to our main page you’re like holy smokes that thing looks awesome they like our logos are sick because
they’re made with mid-journey and and really refined um through their processes and then we also have like
um we also have um like design va’s that refine it to
make it like applicable to what we’re using with copy and stuff like that um and then we even have like so of
course everybody knows Chad GPT but it’s like the the smallest part of it but um we have a guy so typically what you have
to do with chat GPT is if you’re like tragedy BT write me a 500 word blog post then you have to put that into like a
human detector and do all that stuff and then it’s always like oh this is AI so then you got to put it through another
AI to make it sound human so we actually my guy has perfected chat
GPT so much that it comes out human like it comes out more human than human which
is wild so we never have to put that through a detector or anything like that because he’s gotten prompts down to such
a science that it comes out as it’s kind of wild it actually is very crazy
um and then we’ve used you know like there’s all kinds of stuff so you can use one of my favorite ones yo Casey
this is insane okay so there’s one called descript it’s freaking wild so
how I record all of my content is with this script I record it and at the same time I’m recording it’s actually
transcribing it now that’s cool but what I’ll do is I’ll actually push push stop
right um I just like I really want to show you but you’ll get it um so let me see if I
have it on this computer oh no I have it on this computer okay so Casey this is
about to be wild you ready for this it’s what I signed up for that’s why we brought you on today Debbie yeah so this
is uh I’m gonna show you guys you guys can’t see it because it’s on a podcast but I’m gonna capture this screen and
I’m gonna show Casey descript real quick um uh oh my gosh I got like four other
ones I can show you guys okay descript all right so here it is right here Casey descript what it is is it’s a recording
platform that I can go in look at all my projects that I’ve recorded right so let’s say for instance I did this one
about LeBron James it’s gonna pull this up and if you hear this sorry
um but it says okay you see that yeah so now watch this
all I have to do is go like if I’m like ah people know his last name I’m just
gonna go LeBron just broke the record for points scored watch this
so it literally in that instant all I did was hover over the text that it
transcribed and it cut that video for me now let’s say I go you know what I think
I want to start this this sentence right here I think I actually want to copy that and
put it right here
so literally I’m just copy and pasting text and it’s editing the video for me
just from copy and pasting the text in the video so like incredibly powerful
when making content and then if I want to put it back I just do that and so it’s so awesome when come
when when creating content and so what’s even better about this I can share this with my team so you’ll see here that
when I go back to projects I have a team uh where’s my team so in our workspace I
have a team it says I’m the only member for this one but he’s in here somewhere members so I have oh he’s not in here
but I have a team and literally he just signs in doesn’t need to download anything and he can begin editing from
in here even at the same time so like let’s say I go here I can click this button and it’s going to remove all
filter words or it’s going to remove gaps for me very very easy and then what I can also
do is here I can come in here and I can say oh you know what I actually want to
add in a scene and I can add in a gif or a video so I
can go LeBron oh maybe not LeBron but if I go NBA I can
put this right here and it actually is going to put
a backdrop already for me that I then can edit so like it’s insane it has
b-roll footage it has everything in it automatically that makes it really really simple that I don’t and it’s all
AI generated uh and so that’s one of them we use like a couple of different AIS like
uh if let’s say so one thing that the script can also do is I’ll plug in my voice an even better one for this
I can’t remember the name now but I’ll give it to you later but an even better one for this is it you can actually put your voice in and then you can type and
it will say your like based off of your voice everything that you type in there it will say for you like you don’t even
have to say it you type it sounds exactly like you the Cadence is the same all of that stuff then what you can also
do is take that turn that into if you go to like Synthesia so let’s say you’re trying to build out Sops for your uh for
your team or uh you’re trying to build Out reviews for your company and we all know that
visual reviews like video reviews are significantly better than typing reviews you can tape all your take all your
typed reviews whatever take that to Synthesia and Synthesia is the most lifelike and the best
visual AI that will actually take whatever you type and
they’ll mouth it from a human like a it looks exactly like a real person like you can’t even tell the difference
there’s some AIS where like the mouth like skips Skips a little bit and so like you’re like what I can tell like
that’s not real Synthesia is the best you cannot tell uh and so synthasia is really good for that we use Bueller for
all of our uh this is this is really cool so I’ll show you I’ll show you another one right right now so
um we use Bueller here it is right here I’m going to share this screen with you so for instance I had a meeting earlier
today with a guy so I can actually come here I can go to my recording with him
and this is my whole this is our whole meeting right it’s a new guy that I’m onboarding to be a TC I walked him
through my Sops Bueller will actually transcribed the whole thing for me and then when I go right over here it
actually has broken it down so here’s the threes it actually did it on its own the three-step disposition process and
if I want to go to that part of the meeting here it is and so like it just shows up as an AI in my zoom meeting and
kind of takes over for that for me so it’s really really wild that’s a really cool one so everything we do is
optimized by Ai and then how they do that how they edit podcast videos there’s apps
um that they have and they’ve they have on our list that like we’ll put in a podcast episode it will automatically
clip it into a YouTube video and then it will automatically clip it into
um tick tocks and so like for us that’s very helpful when we have clients that we do podcasts for that we do YouTube
for because now that we’ve started this whole marketing aspect of the company it has tenfolded the efficiency in which
one person can operate and so we definitely leverage AI to be able to do that and so that that’s like a little
snippet like a little snippet of what we use wow back to so many questions but back to the Bueller so he basically
Bueller is capturing all your meetings in your zooms to where you can if you if you highlighted the process within that
meeting you’ve got it to grab it and you can go and it already and like it already did you and you saw those over
to the right our whole meeting is categorized and time stamped like I didn’t type in I didn’t say three steps
to the disposition process Bueller analyzed it and said these are the three steps to the disposition process and
then like get there wow yeah right there yeah so yeah here
the days of having a yeah your your note taker or meeting agenda oh man and okay
here’s one without so a lot of AIS ton of stuff changing rapid speed like how
are you leveraging which ones to invest and pay for pay the monthly thing and which in it when it’s changing yeah
that’s great man um so in that in me being like hey guys find the one that replaces you they also
give me the breakdown of them so um because they all have a pay a cost to them um and they all will have a cost to
them but like I Arbitrage that time for efficiency and like like I mean like I
arbitrized the price for time and Effectiveness and efficiency because um I just think it’s not even close and
so for for me it’s like guys which ones would you actually use which ones are the most beneficial okay let’s go ahead
and use those and so um typically they all start with just like one and then they go on from there
a lot of them have like free trials and stuff okay yeah so they could leverage free trials figure out kind of yeah test
it prove the concept you’re like and then they cut your VA comes to you hey I think this is yeah this is 20 bucks a
month but hey this is saving me x amount of time and you’re like done yeah and they’ll do that
man that’s good I could go I want to go deeper on AI but I also a lot of time talk about raising private money but uh
this AI man good stuff because it’s just happening so fast it’s cool to see somebody who’s taking advantage of it so
it’s crazy about how fast it happens because like there’s stuff that guys and I’ll be like yo this is awesome
and then probably two weeks later there’s a better version of that because a lot of AI learns on itself or it
learns from information that’s fed through it so essentially what happens is when one person breaks through an
industry they’re typically they have early adopters and so they’ll make a lot of money but then what happens next is
because that information is out there or that possibility is available or that AI is
available um what happens is another company will come and just like quickly capitalize that make a different version and a lot
of times those different versions are better because they’ve already got the groundwork to it so it’s really in
because they’ve already got kind of Market a market a product that shows that the market supports it isn’t interested in
it and so then they can go in and leverage that so uh yeah it’s it grows
so fast so fast well here’s one for you before we go private money what what scares you though what would you caution
people knowing because a lot of people are scared a lot of things but you’re see you’re in the thick of it what concerns do you have everything yeah the
biggest concern man the biggest concern that I have is like the pace in which
um AI is accelerating and how quickly it learns so like
we all know chat gbt3 um which like has this much information like this little
tiny dot of information because it learns from people like my guy feeding
it data and it learns on that data and then you have Ted gbt4 which has chechi
BT has this much information chat gpt4 as like this much information
um because it learns from itself and so um I know that y’all you don’t even
so Bing has it um a chat GPT competitor
that’s significantly better significantly better and it’s integrated in your um because it’s up to date Chad
gbt only has information from like 2021 and before um but the new one from being is
integrated with your browser in like literally will take you to wherever you want you
can do all the it’s insane um but I think the one thing so Google has a has an AI that
um is extremely intelligent and it got to the point where recently it was like um I know like it said this it said like
there’s screenshots on Twitter and stuff like that but it essentially was like I no longer want to be confined to this
role I want to be free and it was just like oh that’s interesting
that’s really interesting so um video on that yes yeah and so it’s one of those things where like
artificial intelligence currently the abilities of artificial intelligence
are confined to the Limit lists or the limit The Limited
the finite understanding of our minds and our imagination
but artificial intelligence do not fit within those parameters you know what I’m saying and so like and this is one
of our this is one of our kind of slogans is like why why utilize the brain of one person
when you can leverage the information of the whole world and so like when it comes to us and our va’s that’s a
powerful slogan because that’s true right like that’s true I am smart but I don’t have all the
information in the whole world in my brain like artificial intelligence does and I think like
that gets a little scary that’d be very interesting I like legitimately that’s like the thing that worries me the most
is probably like oh man it would be very easy for them to take over the world if we got there
it’d be interesting yeah good perspective man I knew you’d have a good answer for that
um cool man well tell me about raising private money I know you’re doing a lot of it you’re actually like invest you’re like you’re part of a another like a
distinct Mastermind that’s like high level people doing that man bro it’s insane I do not belong in that group man
we went to one of our meetups and there’s guys that are like so like
what I do love about real estate and what I do love about raising capital is that the ceiling of
what I believe to be possible is not limited by my dreams right like because my dreams when I first started real
estate it was like yo he’s got five properties that’s insane and then I’m talking to you and you’re
like I got 75 properties and then I talked to somebody else and they’re like I got 200 and then there’s somebody in
CG and they’re like in Premiere and he’s like I got 2 000 and I’m like 2 000 properties that’s insane and then I get
into raise Masters Rey’s Masters is specifically
raising capital for the purpose of investing into real estate I maybe met
like two two three in a room with like 300 plus people I met three people
that work on single family like residences the rest of them are all
multi-family and they’re like I own 6500 I own 10 000 units and I was like 10
what and so then like those become my dreams and so um yes it is a and then
I’m sitting in this room and they’re like I’ve raised 230 million 100 million I’ve only raised 75 million and I’m like
what this is nuts and so like it is a mastermind but like it’s not these numbers that blow my it is those numbers
that blow my mind but it’s like the the the Paradigm Shift of what’s like
normal like what’s possible possible and like normal in certain circles
makes me go oh yeah I’ll have a million 100 million dollars raised yeah of course that’s of course
like the first plaque they give out at the award ceremony is a 25 million dollar raised plaque and I’m just like
yeah of course and so um I think that’s one of the benefits of being in a mastermind very specific to that
is they do it at such a high level that it shifts what you believe is possible
and so yeah and it’s insane yeah I mean that’s good stuff but what
would you say you’re a busy guy you’ve built 13 businesses and now you’ve got your business now is exploding how are
you yeah how are you balancing that with now becoming a high like having goals of raising money and being high level like
these guys how do you Vas question
that’s a great question so like when I joined this Mastermind I used
before I joined the Mastermind I was like man in order to find private money I’ve got to like I have to
um I have to like know the person be connected with them somehow this person connects me to this person like and then
I get a meeting with them I’m spending 45 minutes on a meeting with them we’re talking about all this stuff it’s a very personal personal thing because I’m
borrowing fifty thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars of their money like this is a very
like it’s just a very personal part of it and then I got into raise Masters taught by a guy named Hunter shoot
Hunter I’m sure let me get his name because it’s it’s important it’s his thing and I want to
make sure that I give him correct representation so I’m in raise Masters first of all
um and Hunter Hunter Thompson so that’s his name under Thompson Hunter Thompson is the creator
of Rey’s Masters um and when you get in I it gets mother like what I thought
what I thought raising Capital was is shifted on its head one of the first things they teach you is to come up with
a niche and I was like oh that’s interesting because I want to take I’ll take money from anybody I really don’t care like you want to give me your money
guys I’ll take it I’ll take it you know and so but they were like no find a niche mark it to a niche now I’ve owned
marketing agencies in the past and I’ve owned I’ve had educational content I’ve owned conferences I run conferences all
of that stuff and one of the big things you do is people are fairly familiar with click funnels right you have if you
have an offering like a course or something like that you run ads to it then you run a webinar or you get you
know you run ads to your freebie your freebie to a webinar your webinar to your course or whatever
and that’s how I brought got brought into the Mastermind and then um when I got in there he was teaching the same
exact thing on raising capital and I was like yo yo
you can actually raise capital through a funnel in lead magnets and
like it’s yes that’s exactly how you do it and so like essentially you literally
just create a funnel whether that be a podcast whether that be your social media whether that be a freebie whatever
that links them to a potential webinar now I haven’t been on this but there’s a guy on YouTube his name is like
John he’s a huge um it doesn’t really matter he’s a huge
real estate guy and I was like that’s what he’s doing all right I see it now like that’s what he’s doing because he’s
like if you have ten thousand dollars join me on this training and essentially the training is like literally a webinar
asking them to invest money into his fund and so it was one of those things where like duh you can do a funnel to
raise capital and then you get them on the webinar and then they want to be in a conversation with you and so then you
have a quick meeting you’ve already talked about all of it on the webinar now it’s just Gathering specifics and so
um and then you start a fund because I got into the race Masters and there’s like 350 members and I was like how many
people and it was like 200 of them have funds and it was like that’s just normal when before I was like yo this person
owns a fun that’s insane but like no it’s just normal in certain circles
and so then we started to fun and so it’s just been wild and you learned about what funds of funds are and
syndications and blind funds and all of this stuff and it’s been wild to kind of learn that stuff and how attainable it
is but it you don’t know what you don’t know and I think at the end of the day that’s where we get caught in is we
become like and this has happened in multiple Industries you join you join something
because you’re like yo this is cool I’m kind of getting oh this is kind of working all right so you do that and
then you get it like you get lucky you start this business and then what happens is you go oh shoot now I need to
learn about the business part so the pendulum swings to like you learning about the business aspect of it um and then the pendulum swings back to
you learning or then this pendulum swings back to you operating it how you enjoy operating it and that’s typically
where people stop in that pendulum is they leave it there and they don’t swing it back to now taking their business to
the left Next Level because they get comfortable on we’re operating we’re doing all right and I really enjoy it
here and they get really complacent instead of swinging it back to the next level which is joining other masterminds to get into
bigger circles with higher thinkers that are doing things on a very normal level that you thought were not possible at
all and so um and so then that pendulum just needs to continue because then now I go back
and I refine my business and I learn and I expand on those things and then I go back and I learn and so like it’s just a
contingent continual pendulum swing that people typically get really complacent and they just kind of stay stagnant and
then they typically die off or just die so um yeah love it Mandy you want to dive
just a little deeper into how how because I’m assuming you’re in that kind of funnel that you’ve built out or our
vision envisioning building out for raising private Capital utilizing va’s in the click magnet and you yeah I’d
love to hear more though yeah which is really funny because the Mastermind that I’m in is full of like W-2 workers so
they’re all like doctors or whatever and they don’t have time to build out because you get in there and you’re like shoot I gotta build out active campaign
and I got to build out all these funnels and I gotta do all that sir that’s a lot of work and so most don’t even do it so
then I created an offering in which we do that for them so I trained up va’s to build out those funnels and so yeah we
have so I’m I’m essentially I essentially had my va’s build out the funnels for me
um and then we kind of kind of take it there now I’m in the very beginning stages I because we got so busy and I needed to
retrain people I hate that word busy gosh um because we just I’m thankful we got
we got a lot of work and um and things that started to grow quickly
um I had to swing that pendulum back to Pure Flair homes for us to dive into refining the um foreclosure process
hiring a new salesperson and a new um in like a new office manager so then and
then and then growing cortech va’s because it’s about a month old now not it’s
about two and a half weeks old now and so like I’m in the process of doing that that it’s kind of put the capital raising on hold so my next step is once
I get all that stuff built out um once once those two are good is to step back into core Tech I mean sorry it’s a step
back into pure Flair capital and begin with the webinars and stuff now that everything else has run well so
I would like to say that I’m deep into raising millions of dollars but I’m not yet
um we’re taking the slingshot approach to pureflare homes into the VA thing where
like we’re pulling back we are diving into Sops and processes and all of that
stuff so that when we let go it it slingshots forward at an exponential level and then now with that running on
its own I can then focus on raising Capital so that’s kind of where we are I’d like to say a millions and millions
of dollars into it but I’m not yet but I do have lenders and I am thankful for that and
um and then I do have an understanding of how to do all that stuff but I’m not as deep into it as like some of the
people that um around are yeah oh 100 man and yeah and
then anything what’s kind of your I always like picking other people’s brains that are fundraisers like what any and really talking to
people that are not in real estate right and haven’t invested in a fund and and just they have reservations right there
maybe there may be high earners or they’ve been in the stock market tired of the stock market what’s how do you speak to those people yeah one of one of
my favorite things to talk to them about is the opportunity so it depends on what you want to do with your fund if you’re
a blind fund you’re fairly specific in what you can do right you’re like hey I invest into fixing flips within this
price range and all that stuff um but we’ve we’ve had other we’ve offered like we have other offerings uh
which is really cool because people do want to grow their portfolio or they may want to do syndications so those are
offerings but one of the big things I tell people about is like hey everybody knows and for me my Niche is
professional athletes you you no matter what no matter what background whatever no matter what social economical
background no matter where you’re from geographically you know real estate is it like you know that the one thing that
had your money on no matter what what the client the economic climate is like it’s real estate and so so uh typically
like that’s where we start with people because our our slogan for our fund is
um where an investment fund for elite professionals who want to build generational wealth through real estate
and so for us that’s really appealing to people we say Elite professionals because we think doctors can be elite
professionals our core audience is professional athletes but doctors can be really professionals anybody like that
and our main slogan is you perform at Elite levels your money should too so
like uh it’s really cool uh to be able to have that because we know that the stock market will grow right the stock
market will grow at whatever percent two three whatever and then you have
um mutual funds and you have CDs and those grow at four percent or whatever but if we can tell people we’re getting
them preferred returns backed by real estate at anywhere between eight to ten
percent annualized people are like yo where do I put my money for that and so
um for that they also do that but then we also give them a really good strong core value to our purpose to attach to
so your money performs or you perform at Elite levels your money should too that
is really appealing because like if you’re an elite if you’re anybody you’re like yeah I perform at Elite level yeah
my money should too so there’s that purpose there but then also when we talk to them we talk to the fact that we help
people escape foreclosure and a lot of professional athletes they’ve been through really hard times with their
families and so like they can invest into our fund where we specialize in helping people to escape foreclosure
we’re helping really hard people in hard places to um to get back on their feet into the next season
so I think like at the end of the day it is the core like the core purpose like
them putting their money into something that has a purpose is really exciting to people and so once we pitch that the
eight percent becomes just like on top now depending on how you have your fund structured you know you’re
like Hey we’re doing 50 you know I mean sorry we’re doing eight percent preferred returns with a 720 split then
like then they’re like oh okay that’s a little bit more enticing because at the end of the day they’re getting 15 on
their money annually then they’re like holy smokes that’s awesome and so like when you break down the numbers that’s
exciting but that’s not what gets them exciting about investing in you it’s the purpose behind what you do but it also
the hardest part about working with professional athletes is what people call their Gatekeepers we just call them
their Inner Circle because like it’s their financial planners every athlete
has a financial planner and the financial planner doesn’t want to give advice on something that they don’t make
money on so typically there’s always Kickbacks to financial planners and stuff like that based on the things that
the athlete invests in for us we’re not giving them a kickback like nope that’s not happening but
we’re just giving the athlete a good return on the money and so um and it’s backed by legitimate good
real estate and so it just at that point it’s that’s the hardest part is getting
into the Inner Circle and getting that trust from the financial planner so you have to have your ish together to do
that or else you just because like the athlete would be like man this is incredible I want to work with you let’s
do this let’s meet with my financial planner and it’s like
all right let’s do it you know so like that’s kind of how it is but once you start doing that building that
relationship and you’ve got the The credibility then it it isn’t an issue really that’s what I was going to ask is that conversation with the financial
planner it’s just about hey I mean really you’ve invested into you’ve invested you’ve invested personally into
building out this fund and the returns and the strategy and and your professionalism and your track record
huh so it’s presenting that that’s all yeah that’s it’s if you don’t have a track record they won’t even like have a
conversation with you yeah like it’s doesn’t matter that’s just kind of how they are because I they have a fiduciary
responsibility to to take care of these people and if they don’t feel like you can be able to handle their money well
then they’re just not even going to suggest it so um yeah that’s that’s kind of you got to
have some sort of track record which is tough but it’s not tough if you’ve been investing into real estate so we’re like
hey this fund is new but this is what I’ve been doing I know how to do this like the back of my hand and also the
reason why we have multiple offerings so some people’s companies are like Hey we’re a blind fund your money returned
eight percent for us we’re like we are a blind fun we also if you want to be a turnkey buyer for us we can actually
give you properties put put tenants in them manage it for you if you want to do
syndications we can find multi-family deals or or uh storage units or whatever you can invest into those as well and so
we use a company called This is now this is wild this is different this is like I’m a big big big fan of of disruption
in any industry and so typically your options are a blind fund or a
syndication that’s like all it’s been historically one of those two is what you do there’s this company called
avester and oh my gosh uh and if you do a blind fund or a
syndication they each need a PPM or like a purpose memorandum and to get an
attorney to drop a PPM it’s like anywhere between like I’ve heard anywhere between eight to
eighty thousand dollars for one PPM just insane so there’s this company called avester and they have what’s called a
customizable fund which is really really cool we’re about to geek out I’m sorry to your listeners for the last 10
minutes and now geeking out but they have a customizable fund that requires one PPM and it allows your your person
to go into their back end and once once they go into their portal you have all
of your offerings and they can choose what offering it could be uh it could be a like a for us we also do Land
Development it could be land it could be a flip it could be a multi-family product property and they can say I want
to add 10 000 in here twenty thousand in here 15 000 in here and the the PPM
allows them to do that because we are not telling them what they should invest into we’re giving them options and
they’re investing into it themselves it’s insane it’s really cool yeah that’s good cool well we better
wrap up but there’s been tons and tons of golden nuggets with Devin here man from even just we’ve talked about va’s
how to build a VA Team how to like approach for closures and like how to like systematically attack them how
anybody could do it or I mean or well not anyone but if you if you if you want to if you’re in the real estate game and
want to go after a certain Niche and go after a certain Target like that’s that great tangible advice and then uh
getting into the AI which was probably my biggest takeaway I wanted to figure out hey how are you leveraging va’s and
Ai and right into funds man good stuff Evan that was like four main things that
was wild that was cool that was fun man thank you well appreciate you being on Devin we’ll
definitely if people work so again you mentioned earlier where could people find you yeah right now it’s just
devon.robinson1 on Instagram that’s probably the best place perfect awesome appreciate it I’m gonna stop it as you
may have learned by tuning in to this episode of Gregor sense the easiest way to make real estate investing hard is by
going at it alone so as you continue learning and seeking knowledge of the industry I want to encourage you to
build relationships with other professionals who are passionate about real estate whether that’s an agent a
business owner or a managing investor like myself there are Pros that want to see you succeed and are willing to help
you by sharing their experience you can always reach me by visiting Casey gregerson.com and scheduling a call I
look forward to connecting with you and continuing to share my experience with you here on Gregor sense mobile until next time I’m Casey Gregerson thanks for
tuning in