The Art of Partnering:
How We Leveraged Debt

The Art of Partnering: How We Leveraged Debt” provides a practical guide to using debt strategically for business growth and highlights the significance of forming valuable partnerships to achieve financial objectives.


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now let’s get get started with today’s podcast okay
welcome in guys I got Cody do with us
today from Little Rock Arkansas so he’s
a fellow Collective genius member like
just like myself that’s actually where I
met Cody but Cody’s doing some pretty
cool stuff and want to bring him on and
let him kind of tell his story and then
hopefully you guys can gain some other
little tips and tricks from him and yeah
talk some real estate so Cody take it
away man thanks for coming on but I’ll
let you start with your story perfect
yeah thanks Casey yeah so I uh at one
point in time I was a listener five
years ago to all these podcasts on
Bigger Pockets Joe Fairless even I got
got a little bit it’s multif family and
I was like man I wonder what it’s going
to be like to finally be on other
people’s podcast and that’s been a 5year
runaround and so I got started by
reading a a book called Rich Dad Poor
Dad and that exposed me to all the new
stuff that’s out there that I wasn’t
exposed to growing up and so my partner
invited me to this event and we bought
the course lo and behold the course was
really just a trigger to get everything
started when I bought the course I was
23 at the time I’m 29 now and I’ve
acquired over 40 rental properties I’m
down to maybe 22 now but I’ve also done
about 300 transactions uh in the last 3
years all of the single family and so
I’ll get to that but just building up my
story we first started back in 2017 we
started buying just single family rental
properties and we’re doing it the very
traditional route go to the bank get a
loan put 20% down and that’s it well
after the first property and we put 20%
down we didn’t have anything left over
to buy our other property so we had to
get creative and we had to either get
debt Partners on the front end or Equity
partners on the back and so it was cool
early on to see how we come across a
situation and we got to figure it out
because we knew that we wanted to
continue to buy properties and these
were deals but we didn’t have cash so we
had to get resourceful and tap into our
Network go to local R and that’s where
we found money lenders and it worked out
for everybody we had the time we had the
sweat so we brought deals to the table
for people to invest in with and we just
did joint ventures nice love that I’m G
to ask a question right on that on that
is how initially because this is what’s
so hard I know I went through too but
when you’re first wanting to go attract
that hard money lender and you’ve maybe
done a deal or two maybe you’ve done no
deals you know but you need Capital to
go do it CU we I was in the same spot
right couple like when we first started
I was using any W2 income I had any
house my leveraging my house doing a
helck right pulling any capital I could
to go put a down payment on that rental
property or trying to do the bur right
but you can only do it so fast you got
to bring in private money lenders to
really grow how did you get somebody
comfortable with you on one of your
first couple deals I think just showing
growing up I mean um it’s like when you
go to a job interview you either have to
have experience or you know you have to
have 5 years of experience and so we
didn’t have any experience we just had
ourselves and who we were but we also
were showing up to the meetings we were
asking the right questions and so I
think what initially what struck people
was just our identities our identities
of trust and worthiness and value and
Authority that we carried about oursel
so that people would trust us because
when you’re investing a deal you’re
you’re really investing in the operator
first and then the deal second and so if
the operator trustworthy and then you
can vet the deal then you just put two
and two together and so for us that
looked like uh asking people and when
you go to ask people it’s a win-win
scenario it’s not like you’re gaining
something from them giving you money
they’re getting something back too
absolutely yeah you’re providing return
that’s what I’m with you it’s a mindset
you have to flip because feel like
you’re asking for money and yeah you’re
like they’re doing you a favor but it’s
like hey you’re providing them a way to
invest in real estate and they don’t
have to be active like they could be
completely passive secured by real
estate St and I’m sure the returns like
what initially what kind of rates did
you do initially when you first kind of
terms that it look like well the the
first deal we bought out of our own
pocket you know just the cash out the
20% came out of our our accounts the
next deal was a a debt deal so we we
brought on debt so we just needed 15,000
for the down payment so remember we’re
in Little Rock a lot of our houses out
here are anywhere from 80 to 120,000 so
it’s not super steep to get in when
you’re putting 20% of that down so we
only needed 15,000 and we found a Deb
partner to just give us the 15 unsecured
for 6 years so here we are paying back a
monthly payment for the next 6 years and
we pay that off now but that got us into
the deal of no money nice so you didn’t
use the small Bank the debt partner was
funding the entire deal sounds like oh
so we we used yeah we did use a bank we
just needed the equity piece that the
money coming in up front which is the
15,000 down payment makes sense and then
how did you secure that person did you
do like a second mortgage or how did you
typically do it we were so new we didn’t
secure it and that person happened to be
my dad Dad so we we didn’t have toh be
super papered up yeah that’s good though
I mean it’s got to start somewhere but
then at least that it sounds like from
there how to I’m sure the second
conversation with the next investor was
a little easier huh yeah so the next
conversation was Equity partnership it
was a uh where they brought in all the
money we managed the deal and it was a
50/50 split and we recently have bought
them out now so we own 100% but they
they were happy for the 5 years they
held their R portfolio I mean they
offset some of their taxes and they got
a a return each year keep going I kind
of interrupted your your story man so
you start where again I love your
background I was the same way I was
buying and a lot of people won do that a
lot of people whaton we meet like
started just wholesaling to start off
right but we started hey we want to go
into rentals and then I sounds like you
were the same once you started to get
the rentals once you started raise
private money I guess guess and your
next step is when how did you start
finding deals off Market yeah so the
when we bought our first five houses
that was back in 17 we didn’t know what
we were doing remember we had just
bought the Rich D Porta of course it
wouldn’t until the end of 2019 early
2020 right before Co came is when we
realized that oh you really have to do
sales and marketing and that’s where the
wholesaling came into play and so from
there we already had a background of
buying Ral property just a few a handful
and so when we got into the sales and
marketing game then we realized oh we
can really make money a few different
ways we can wholesale it we can flip it
or we can keep it but the one thing
that’s fundamental is we get to see this
deal first cuz we’re doing all off
Market properties and so uh we Linked UP
authority figure here in Little Rock
that helped us and so we were his
operators he was the money we were the
operation in a short time you know we
looked up and 6 months in we had quit
our job full-time to go into this
full-time so 2020 January 1st I’m no
longer W2 and I’m doing this wholesale
thing well the first what were you
before that I was I was a banker I got
out of college didn’t know what I want
to do when I grew up and so I just got
into Banking and thought I would work my
way up that ladder and I realized that
that was a 20-year climb and I I didn’t
want to do the whole 95 thing so January
1st 2020 no longer W2 we steep into the
wholesale mon game full time and Co hit
we’re like dang what are we supposed to
do we had only done four deals in that 6
months well four deals is not going to
pay the bills when you’re when you have
no W2 so there’s a lot going on
emotionally well the next 6 months of
that same year 2020 we did 54 deals so
we went from four to 54 and all that was
because we stayed in doing the
fundamentals we stayed in what was
working and we found out that these
deals that we’re getting came from 6
months ago so there’s a whole followup
to the process and that’s what clicked
for us is we have to continue to follow
up with our our lead Pipeline and from
there it just kind of took off so I’m
glad that we went the route of sales and
marketing because now we’re getting to
get discounted deals you know half off
imagine going to Walmart or something
and you see a 50% off sales rack that’s
the deals were buying yeah those are
ones you’re taking down yourself right
and initially so was that your tent from
the start to to build that funnel and
that marketing thing so you could buy
stuff at a discount or or is it more to
build or I’m assuming both but or is it
more to build that active income to
replace your W2 it was really more so to
build active income first but then we
realized oh I could wholesale to myself
still make the income on the front stay
in the deal and make the back end too so
I can double dip and so now we have two
companies a wholesale company and a flip
company and so I get to still take the
wholesale fee up front and flip it to
myself and stay in the deal that way too
so initially it was for active income
but now it’s to build up a portfolio
that makes sense for me to stay in long
term nice well great question I ask a
lot of people like you it’s a tough one
but right but how do you make the
decision on if you’re going to wholesale
it or keep it as a rental or even if
you’re going to flip it and sell it or
keep it for the portfolio right cash
flow now or sorry cash injection now or
cash flow over time you know it’s all
situational it’s a deal by deal basis
and I don’t have a formula or any cheat
sheet to give you to say here’s like if
if it turns green if it checks it off
then I’m buying it it’s all situational
so it depends on where I’m at in my
monthly overhead or monthly income
quarterly yearly wherever I’m at also
depends on location and so most of the
time if I can wholesale a property say
for 20,000 but I know that I can
probably flip it for 35 I’m 15,000 off
right there I will take the 20 today
then the 15 tomorrow the extra 15 so it
really just depends on my Capital
structures in place right now we’re a
lean team so we’re not taking on big
projects we’re taking on small you know5
$20,000 rehabs not 40 plus uh that’s
where I’m at right now it’s just
evaluating to see which deals I want to
get into versus incurring that cost to
make a little bit more love it how is
the private money evolved and the
lenders right now that you’ve kind of
built this up you still use a lot of
Partners on the deals you take down or
yeah so I have a few two just private
people that give me cash to to buy the
house and to renovate the house and then
I’ll refinance them out but looking at
their returns I mean I’m I’m getting
charged 11% two points two and a half
and that may be expensive but I’m only
holding the note for 3 to 6 months and
it’s working so when I saw their returns
I’m like short-term money is the game
right now like how can I get involved
and create something where I can lend to
myself but other operators out there too
on a short-term basis I think that’s the
game right now with money getting in and
getting out and so long you know how to
underwrite the deal and bet the deal and
you have a trusted operator with proper
structures in place it’s hard to lose
that game yeah keep going so have you
started to lend money out yet or is that
kind of on the horizon that’s my head I
would love to dig into that like I said
I’m a lean team so um to go after new
opportunity but that is something on
Horizon that I would love to get into
and talking with you at CG about the
funds I really enjoy that conversation
because I know that that’s where I’m
looking to migrate to ultimately because
there’s people the high earner W2 income
folks just don’t have the time to invest
in real estate but they have the money
in real estate there’s only three things
involved the deal the money and the crew
and so if you got one of them then you
got to figure out how to get the other
two and so I want to to pair money and
deal and deal of money over my career I
believe just helping people out yeah man
love it you touched on one right there
too Cody how about Cru so have you guys
you guys do a lot of flips so do you
have keep any guys in house you third
party all out how do you manage that
yeah so we just have a GC and I don’t
want to sound like we have we’re doing a
lot of flips I’m doing about five deals
a month right now mostly are wholesale
deals so the flip comes when I’m I have
two different Crews I go to and one of
them they’re both just general
contractors so they man their own crew
so I just talk with that individual
themselves but nothing inh house I don’t
know if I want to get to a point to
where I’m managing that many
construction people so I’m trying to
stay as lean as possible where are still
profitable yeah no it’s good I we do it
in house and it’s a lot definitely
there’s some pretty awesome benefits but
also there’s other days I’m like man if
I could just hold one guy accountable
that’d be easier but no that’s cool man
well okay another thing I to ask you
Cody so you talked about Rich Dad Poor
Dad and how it kind of got you really
got it really sparked you right but
looking back and you could do one or two
of them but what was like one big
takeaway from that book that you
remember and then you like put into
action you’re like man that was a game
changer for me oh man that’s a good
question I read that so long ago I’m not
even sure let me see one of mine was
while you’re thinking about it was the
sales right so he talked about remember
he said he did doortodoor sales and I
think his poor his Rich Dad told him to
like get sales experience and I’m like
sales man cuz I came my engineer was
like my background is engineering and I
love math I love numbers I Lov all that
stuff all made sense to me but I was
like but I’ve never been a I’ve never
sold I’ve never worked a sales job I
think he did door too like Mac or some
sales right and he was talking about how
he got that how that was invaluable and
that was one that I I was look back and
I’m like man at the time I’m like how do
I get that I’ve got no idea how to do
this but now now that I’ve owned
businesses and run sales and marketing
I’m like I totally see like that’s
something like I’m going to tell my kids
to learn something like learn how learn
Sales Early on I think the biggest thing
for me now that you said that is uh Tom
is the poor give their time up to earn
versus the rich invest money to get
their time back yeah just looking at
your looking at your time which we
weren’t taught that growing up right you
weren’t Trad your time or money right I
love it so what else you got on the
horizon you talked about maybe
eventually being a private money lender
you got you guys that’s kind of leaned
out well one thing I’ll ask you that you
kind of mentioned is you’ve gotten
really good at the acquisition so I’d
love to hear like what has kind of
distinguished you guys in your Market to
where you’re like being able to get
these deals at 50 cents on the dollar I
think it’s being trustworthiness going
back to what I said earlier about when
we got when we were able to get the
green light and raise money from people
that didn’t really know us is just
building trust with people um knowing
how to talk with Sellers and having that
conversation to look out for them and
their best options and not just looking
out for yourself cuz at the end of the
day these sellers are in some kind of
situation and sometimes I’m not the best
fit for them and I’ll let them know that
and they they like that honesty and so I
think our utility is just the way we
speak to people and hold ourselves to
customers the sellers but also the
approach too I’m not looking to sell you
I’m not looking to get you I’m looking
to help yeah I’m sure that’s an impact
and people could tell that I’m sure
right away so I’m sure that build for
poor immediately and these guys
especially I’m assuming you mentioned
too the follow-ups right a lot of your
deals don’t hit right away and and we’re
very similar right a lot very rarely do
we find somebody who’s like I got to
sell now and and those are great but
they’re few and far between but those
ones that you built trust with I’m
assuming those guys are the ones that
hey 6 months that came down right I’m
ready to go Cody how it go that’s it uh
Miss Kathy my recent deal I just did on
a house on Braden Street in Jacksonville
she said Cody I had 10 people hit me up
you’re the only one that I felt like I
could trust I’m like oh tell me more and
she said just the way you know so
everything I just explain to you is what
we’re after and doing I do know that oh
I lost my train thought no that’s that’s
good man so cool so building the trust
yeah man how about any other things like
kind of s oh that was the other thing
was the team I was going to ask you so
you mentioned your team kind of leaning
out what does your team look like right
now so I have three cold callers they
just cold call out to areas that I’m
looking to buy in and I really go after
the house itself not really the person
so I’m calling everyone that has the buy
box that I’m after and then I do a lot
of inbound I’m refocusing my strategy to
focus more on inbound to build up my own
authority here so I’ve done a TV now I’m
doing commercials and I’ve gone on the
the local news station they have an
afternoon segment that they do to where
they position other bases of domain in
the city so for me is real estate and so
they’re propping me up as a authority
figure of for Real Estate here in the
market and so I just did that last week
so it’s still early on and new but what
I’m looking to do is establish more
Authority here locally so that people
come out to me and value the help that
we have to offer yeah W makes sense just
organic building the I love the inbound
because those are better leads better
quality probably a better use of your
time your team’s time so do you do most
of the Acquisitions and actually the
closing or do you have any closers on
your team or is that mostly you it’s all
me right now outside my cold caller it’s
it’s just me so I do have an office
assistant in Bangladesh and the cold
cers are actually from the Philippines
so all my team is remote I’m the only
one here in town and so I’ll do the
seller calls I’ll do the seller
appointments and I also do the
dispositions and TC work nice cool I’m
very similar very similar actually yeah
I’m with you I had hired had a full-time
Acquisitions guy and and it was great
for a while but I was probably like you
I heard fortunately I always tell a lot
of people this like we’re part of a
mastermind that like when things were
getting tough some masterminds are like
oh double down go all in blah blah blah
and they ours was like get lean and get
ready and I think it help sounds like it
helped you I know it helped me to get
lean cuz I we ended up having our guy go
100% commission he ended up leaving and
now I do the Acquisitions but probably
similar to you do you I enjoy it I love
doing those calls you like you enjoy is
that does that give you energy you know
after doing it for two years straight
because remember my story started in
2020 2020 to now I’ve kind of been the
head of sales and I got to say I’ve been
burnt out a little bit and so so that’s
why I am focusing more on inbound I
don’t like doing the calls and making
100 calls to talk to 10 people so I’m
building structure in place to design
where I have someone do that for me to
just pass off the 10 but what I really
like to do is meet people in person I
thrive off of people and so that’s where
I build up and get my energy from so I
enjoy sitting down in the living room
walking through the house with a seller
and talking with them about their best
options and in that conversation right
there that’s where I’m triggering
certain assessments about my value
Authority and Leadership that I have to
offer to them and that’s where I’m
building that trust and so I don’t know
if I want to hand that off kind of like
Doug Hopkins there in Arizona he has a
whole team CEO that runs the front end
and Doug he just goes on appointments
and dispos and that’s it finding your
superpower and execute it and you get
energy from it love it man it’s cool all
the clarity you’ve gotten it sounds like
well it’s evolved right I’m assuming you
definitely didn’t have this Clarity in
2017 huh when you’re well when you say
Clarity I got to laugh internally
because I feel like I’m so lost right
now I’m I’m exposed to a lot of
opportunities whether it’s land new
commercial development new construction
fund money fundraising you know so all
these different Avenues I fi and see
could be or are possible I’m just trying
to figure out where where do I fit in
that so keep going man I’m with you I
think we all as entrepreneurs face that
how do you currently cope or deal with
that or manage that talk to a lot of
people have a large network of people
from across uh several States and some
in different Industries some in
different philosophy groups masterminds
whatever it is and so just always
talking you know we live in the world of
language and so it has to be spoken or
has to be out for you to to act and do
anything and so I am you know somebody
told me the other day like the whole
8020 rule I was like I wonder if I
should spend you know I’m trying to
spend 80% of my time doing the day job
thing which is the wholesale and 20%
versus new opportunity and he said what
if you flip-flop that what if you spent
20% on the wholesale side and 80% of a
new opportunity and that really sparked
a new kind of aha moment for me to
realize I mean most of my leads are
inbound so I really don’t have a lot of
time on the wholesale side therefore I
can go out and venture out into
different Avenues yeah I love applying
that 8020 principle and and yeah seeing
where you’re getting the most bang for
your buck of what you’re doing like
where you getting the most value and and
even sounds like you basically took a
something that wasn’t something you
needed to do right the wholesale was a
necessary income driver right but you
simplified it got more time back to go
do that go do them New Opportunities and
then just any more on that like I’m
curious what do that when you say I’m
going looking for new opportunities is
that what does that look like for me
it’s increasing my networks and
accumulating new knowledge so at the end
of the day people out there doing
something that you want to do the only
thing different between you and them is
they just have a different set of
networks they work with and a different
knowledge that they’ve gained that’s it
when you keep it that simple that
fundamentally that’s all it is and then
I have to backtrack and see okay what
knowledge what specific knowledge did
they accumulate which networks did they
build who are they working with and
really just noticing and observing their
structure their organization and so
that’s where my time is spent is really
more so building my network in these
different spaces so when the time is
right I know who to call on yep there
you go goes back to another Rich Dad Pak
principal right it’s about building the
team around you he talked about like
having whether from having a good
attorney having good accountants having
good sales people but or just
surrounding yourself by those people and
building that up is the key to success
mhm it yeah I’ll let you ask some
questions too if you have some but one
thing I want to ask you before you go is
like what do you think what is the
biggest thing that you would advice you
would give people to like that are I
usually take this more somebody who
wants to get into real estate
specifically but maybe doesn’t have the
time or maybe they just don’t very risk
averse because I talked to a lot of
people that are like yeah they’ve heard
about real estate that’s where it’s at
but they just haven’t done it they
haven’t pulled the trigger for whatever
that reason might be what do you what
would you say to those people based on
your experience and what real estate’s
done for you
yeah well the whole real estate working
doesn’t work that should be squished by
now it definitely works it’s you as the
operator who’s not working so you have
to get it right with you first and so um
for me when I was like setting my goals
looking back in 2017 I saw yeah I would
love to buy two houses a year now we’re
doing 20 a year and sometimes 20 a month
back in in our high seasons and so I
look back and see how small thinking I
was because I didn’t realize I didn’t
have I couldn’t see to only what I knew
I can only see to what I know at the
time and looking back when I saw that in
my journal I was like dang that’s crazy
like I wouldn’t given myself the credit
but looking back it’s easy and so
understanding and giving yourself that
time and patience to know that you’re
not going to get it tomorrow or next
month it’s going to be some years of
accumulation of different networks and
knowledge and so allow yourself that
time but I think what’s hard and Alex
fosi says this is it takes that first
hour of getting started takes people a
year to do so I would say since you know
that going in since you know it’s going
to be hard going in since you know that
you don’t know going in just start
somewhere so that you can put one foot
in front of the other and then you just
build off that love it yeah it’s just
building momentum right do something to
Kickstart it and then yeah once you get
it rolling yeah before you know you’ll
be like us you’ll do your first rental
property or invest in your first deal
and then you’ll really get that real
estate bug and then it just snowballs
right M that’s a really that’s a really
good way to put it good it’s all about
just do take that first little bit of
action and just let the momentum take
care of itself you know that’s I feel
like in the same spot currently now with
trying to reach new levels is I’m back
where I started of oh no like this is
hard this is challenging so I’ve got to
like practice what I’m preaching here
just to myself because I’ve been down
that path of the unknown and I feel like
I’m back in that same spot of looking to
go to the next chapter the next level
love it man great way to put it cool
Cody well we’ll kind of wrap up the
podcast there but I’ll give you a chance
too man any stuff you wanted to talk
about or questions you had I’m
interested in your fun stuff I know you
have you’re pulling in other people’s
money are you you operating and
investing just in your own deals or are
you venturing out what does that look
like yeah so we went ahead and like
registered with SEC got like all the
accreditations and and did did all the
legal stuff right get all the documents
the PPM set up and we were ready to go
raise a fund to basically allow us we
were really going to use it to take down
a lot of the deals that we find off
Market that we fix up and then we keep
in in our portfolio and allow it to go
take down a bunch of deals and then in 5
years we could go sell that off right
but we and we’re also going to buy some
bigger multif family deals in it what I
found is in that initial raise just
based on my experience even though I’d
done a lot of deals with private money
lenders and similar to you like I still
didn’t have that network of people that
are ready to go tie up $100,000 for 5
years and then even though it’s a great
safe return like pencil’s out looks
great I just that’s a that takes time to
build those people so what I found is
what’s been better for me is continuing
to turn like you said it’s it’s today’s
craze or today’s fat is turn the money
fast right so now I’d rather bring in I
try to attract more people and be like
hey go in on me on this Fix and Flip
deal you be the equity I’ll get the bank
loan and we’ll go flip this thing we
should be out in three to six months
we’ll get you a good return and then I
return their money right and then
they’re ready to go to the next one and
keep doing that right and then yeah I’ll
just structure people a lot of different
ways sometimes also I’ll bring them in
on I might do a creative Finance deal
where I assume somebody’s loan but they
need some money to get out of it right
so I’ll for example I took on a deal
where I assume $150 $140,000 loan and
they wanted $10,000 to get out so i’
like rather than me put up that 10,000
I’m trying to use other people’s money
and that’s the thing too it’s like
working with these people that they want
to do it and they’ve got access to more
Capital but to start out they want to
take a low risk get to know you see how
it works get their money turned and even
if I don’t know I I hate to turn away
people that might only want to do 10 or
25,000 like get those people in get them
into a deal and then let them get
confident and then just so then my
thought is over time then I can start to
use build this network of people that
have done deals and and then seeing our
deals and then when we’re ready to go
take down that big multif family or or
or get the fund going and raise a bunch
of money to buy like have an open-ended
fund to where we can buy whatever we
want that fits our certain criteria or
our business model like we’ll do that
when it’s ready right and that might be
ready in six months that might be ready
in three years but I’m just going to let
it organically happen yeah I’ve got a
good friend who’s done a few fun to
funds so he has his fund and he invests
into another fund and his thing to me is
sales and marketing you’re constantly
having to uh build your brand and your
awareness of the help that you can offer
to high earner income people and he said
he found success going to different
events not in real estate like family
offices dentists other domains of spaces
that’s not involved in real estate with
where High income people are at yeah
that’s smart yeah that’s probably the
other big takeaway I’ve had is is when I
cuz we just took down the 63 unit
apartment deal deal it was a pretty
significant amount of equity and we
combined it with bank financing and the
good news was when I was Raising this
fund I was having conversations with a
ton of people sharing this deal talking
to them going to lunch showing the deal
right and we ended up not taking it down
in the fund we took it down I just took
it down with an equity partner but the
cool thing is all these people saw this
deal right so now we’re in the middle of
it and and I think it’s going to be a
really successful deal but all these
people saw it right so now I built out
my marketing to where I’m talking about
the deal hey here’s how it’s going
here’s how it’s progressing and show the
people all the people that passed on it
or remember cart ready that way the next
one next time it comes around be like
they built that comfort and Trust And
even though they’re not in the deal
they’re seeing the deal right yeah I
kind of like that role too you know when
I’m talking Sellers and doing dispos
essentially you’re doing sales and
marketing all over again same with money
raising those people you’re talking to
you’re having to sell them but you’re
not really selling them you’re providing
help and and so long that they can see
or can’t or not see it is up to you but
that sounds fun to me is just going out
cuz I went to Joe fess’s events back and
when we were scratched in the service of
multif family and two if you’re a money
raiser two of your people your customers
are there operators and capital you just
go there and meet both people and pair
the two together yeah exactly that’s it
man it’s been it’s been going in like
IAS I’ve been trying to get involved in
presenting more I mean that again that’s
why a big part of why I do the podcast
why I put so much stuff on content on
social media to where people do get more
comfortable and and yeah like just like
your point of being the leader in the
space in your town for buying houses and
trying to do that in the real space nice
well we’ll see you here at CG are you
going to be down there in a couple of
weeks yeah okay yeah I’m heading down
for sure man all right yeah I appreciate
you bringing me on absolutely man all
right man we’ll see you Cody all right
casy we’ll see you thanks as you may
have learned by tuning in this episode
of Gregor sense the easiest way to make
real estate investing hard is by going
at it alone so as you continue learning
and seeking knowledge of the industry I
want to encourage you to build
relationships with other professionals
who are passionate about real estate
whether that’s an agent a business owner
or a manag investor like myself there
are Pros that want to see you succeed
and are willing to help you by sharing
their experience you can always reach me
by visiting Casey and
scheduling a call I look forward to
connecting with you and continuing to
share my experience with you here on
Gregor sense mobile until next time I’m
Casey Gregerson thanks for tuning in